Is Microblading Dangerous For Your Skin Health?

There was a time when females weren’t aware of a term called ‘microblading.’ However, that time is long gone. Today, almost every girl who is a fashion enthusiast and uses Instagram daily knows about microblading and how it works. No matter if you heard about it in the past or not, this guide will clear all your doubts about microblading and whether it’s safe to give it a try. 

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique used by hair care technicians to help those clients who have thin eyebrows and struggle to keep them in shape. There are various reasons responsible for hair loss in females. At times, when these issues affect the eyebrow section, microblading can play a considerable role in giving you the perfect brow shape and color. 

The procedure involves implanting hair pigments under the eyebrow skin to mimic fully-grown and well-shaped eyebrows. It’s executed with the help of a handheld tool and requires a timeframe of 2-3 hours. After the procedure, you can get back to your normal life and revisit your technician after a week or so for a general inspection. Usually, the results of microblading last for about three to five years, depending on your skincare habits, lifestyle, and cosmetic products you use. 

Some people claim that it’s dangerous for your skin, but it’s not true at all. If you visit the home page of Trillium Ink, you can learn more about this procedure and how risk-free it is. Many girls opt for it to give a proper shape to their eyebrows. You can also do the same and improve your overall style game by a significant margin in a matter of a few hours.