Celebrities with buzz cuts

For a while, not many stars rocked a buzz cut. It seemed like longer hair was going to reign supreme for the foreseeable future. While there are still a ton of celebrities with longer hairstyles, many celebrities are opting for a short haircut. Dot Micro (https://www.dot-micro.com/) attributes the resurgence of short hairstyles to the ease and simplicity of a buzz cut. Here are just a few of the celebrities paving the way for the buzz cut to come back in style:

  1. Nick Jonas. Upon first glance, it’s hard to believe this is the curly-haired youngest Jonas Brother. This celebrity has ditched his mop of curls for a more mature style. Gone are the days of unruly hair as we enter the era of a short-haired Jonas. He’s opted for a slightly longer buzz cut that keeps things looking neat without sacrificing all of his length.
  1. John Legend. Similar to Nick Jonas, Legend goes for a softer buzz. A long cut means that he is able to keep a little bit of length while also taming his curls. His style is one to emulate if you’ve got curlier hair, but it might not work well on someone with pin-straight hair.
  1. Zac Efron. Zac Efron has left his High School Musical days behind him, along with that lovable swoop of golden brown hair. Nowadays, Zac Efron can be seen spotting dark hair, closely cropped and straight. His cut is a great style for anyone looking to make the transition from a boyish cut to more professional, mature styles.
  1. Zayn Malik. The former One Direction singer’s hair has been through a lot. From his classic side swept updo, to a bleached buzz cut, Malik hasn’t been one to get shy in the salon chair. One of his most popular looks was in fact the platinum-blond crop. A sharp contrast from the original jet-black hair he had when he first entered the spotlight, this style was a refreshing way to remind us that Zayn Malik can pull off just about any hairstyle.
  1. Keke Palmer. This actress, like Malik, has had her fair share of bold new styles. Although she’s most known for her long braids, Palmer opted for a brand new look. She buzzed her hair short and dyed it a lovely shade of purple. Short hair doesn’t mean boring hair, and Palmer’s creative color choice proves that anyone can still show off their fun side, even after making the big cut. Keke’s style also reminds us that women can have short hair, and aren’t confined to longer cuts and styles.

Thanks to these celebrities and many more like them, buzz cuts have never been more popular! If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, don’t be afraid to go all out.

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